Traditional Street Markets in Seoul 09.01

One interesting thing that can be found all over Korea is the traditional street markets. There are huge markets that almost everyone knows of like Namdaemun, but there are also tons throughout the cities and even small towns. Some of them line the streets heading from subway stations to residential areas and apartments like little alleyways. Walking through there’s all kinds of street food and small booths selling all types of foodstuff from vegetables to spices to delicious Korean side dishes.

Some of the hardest working people in Korea, many being elderly, start-up their booths often early in the morning and finish late at night. You can see them working with their hands peeling, cutting, and preparing more to be sold. There are also some indoor areas for some of these markets with restaurants where people can pick up some quick food on their way out, or come to eat and drink later in the day or evening. Other stores are usually inside as well. Whenever I’m able to, I take the opportunity to explore and take some photographs. There’s always something interesting to photograph. It’s become kind of a specific project for me.

Here are some photographs from my evening, just within a smaller local market area on the outskirts of Seoul.

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