Street Markets in Seoul 09.03

On this particular day, I walked around some close-by areas to explore and photograph as I often do. I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge fan of these traditional street markets that are in almost every small neighborhood throughout Seoul, big and small. I’m happy to get out and document what I find as I make my way through and around these interesting alley areas.

First Street Market Images

In the days of the coronavirus, everyone’s wearing their masks but outside of that much of the city continues on as normal. Most elderly ones have been fully vaccinated at this point in Seoul, but of course, they must uphold the safety standards while working. Passerbys pick up foodstuff, snacks, and other things on their way to their homes.

Throughout these markets, you’re likely to come by lots of seafood imported from the seaside. There are lots of live seafood., the shop owners and workers will kill, cut, and prepare it for you when you buy it. If you don’t like the smell of seafood, you may want to avoid these areas, and by all means, be careful of the water that runs out from the shops as it may be a little slippery.

Often these markets have indoor areas, though not always. You usually can follow these alley-like areas in several directions, especially if the market is larger. Inside is where you will find all types of clothing, bags, shoes, underwear, blankets, pillows, and the like. Usually, you will find in here clothing that many mid-aged to elderly Korean people wear as opposed to popular local or foreign brands. Many people will use these areas just as a shortcut walking to and from their destination as there are often several entrances on multiple sides.

A Perfectly Balanced Photograph

This photograph is one that I was very happy with. In addition to documenting as I travel through these areas, this image to me is just perfectly balanced in my eyes. Often a photographer’s view of their own images can be quite different from how others view the image. With that in mind, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the photo.

With this photograph, we have these two main subjects in the photograph in the middle of the market. We have a nice triangle going on. The woman’s looking at the display, the man/worker is looking directly and me. It just seems to really work. With the colors and framing of the displays and window to the red dress, back window, and sign I feel this is nicely framed with a nice balance of color. From my photographs this evening this has got to be my favorite by a long shot.

What do you think?

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