Seoul, South Korea 09.13.2021

Walking around the traditional street markets has been one of my favorite types of places to do street photography in Seoul, South Korea. The line streets all over areas connecting subway stations to residential areas. Many people walk through so you can find very interesting subjects to photographs as they pass through.

Among the many people you can observe as you explore are some of the hardest-working people in Korea. Many of the workers at the markets work long hours selling all types of goods, but especially vegetables, side dishes, and various other food. You will find many elderly men and women working with their hands. You will certainly sense their toughness.

Color Street photography in Seoul, South Korea at traditional street markets
Street Photography photo in traditional street markets in Seoul, South Korea. Elderly women walking by a market in the evening time

After walking through the street market, I continued on. I came across this gentleman. He’s making a common Korean snack made from heated sugar. He was hard at work standing at the end/start of a crosswalk which many people pass through. Again, you can really sense the hard-working nature of many elderly Korean men and women trying to earn a living.

Elderly man making sugar snacks on the streets in Seoul, South Korea

Around the corner, there were many restaurants. I came across this one that basically uses this sheet of plastic as a wall, having windows that zip/unzip? Anyway, I thought it was rather unique and interesting.

Street photography by Seoul photographer, Don MacDonell

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