Exploring Jingwan Dong, Seoul 09.14.2021

In the afternoon/evening I set out to explore a part of the community in Jingwan Dong, Eunpygeong District of Seoul, South Korea. The idea was just to explore and see what I came across in the area. The area of Jingwan Dong is just within the boundary of a north-western part of Seoul. It’s far from being a tourist area, but nevertheless, I enjoyed exploring the area. On the streets, there’s always something interesting to find. With street photography, we’re often looking to capture interesting scenes with people present. I’m happy to share some of the photographs I was happy with.

Jingwan Dong, Seoul, South Korea Street Photography. Buddhist monk stands by the street wearing a white facial mask admist Covid-19 in Seoul.

The first image I felt was quite interesting. A Buddhist monk dressed and wearing his face mask just standing here by the road. Throughout Korea, there are many Buddhist temples, and although you will probably not see this every day, it’s not uncommon to come across monks while traveling in Korea. When you see them you’ll quickly recognize the white or grey-colored clothing. They will likely be out and about doing their own thing, generally alone, unless they are in or near a temple. I was pleased with this first image.

Jingwan Dong, Seoul, South Korea Street Photography. Woman wearing face mask walks by coffee shop window. Two women inside the coffee shop are working on their computers facing the outside.

To be entirely honest, there wasn’t a great deal of excitement over many of the images I took while exploring around. So I’m not sharing many here with you today. I was trying something with this here. To catch someone in the foreground while capturing the two women in the coffee shop. I’m not sure entirely how a feel about it, but I kind of like the result. I’d definitely appreciate your thoughts on the image!

Jingwan Dong, Seoul, South Korea Street Photography. Man in suit and book in hand walks down the street with tall apartments in the background.

This photo kind of captures a lot, I think. A businessman or office worker walking by wearing his suit. He finished work, so you can drop his tie. You got the high-rise apartments in the background. It surely screams Korea! You can tell it’s Covid time with his mask. One thing though actually strikes me as odd or unusual! Did you notice it too? Look what he’s holding in his hand! Certainly, a less and less common sight to see in a time of high-speed internet and smartphones.

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