Color Street Photography 09.01

If you have seen much of my previous work, you would likely realize how much I love high-contrast black and white style street photography. I often published most of my photographs in this style. Lately, however, I’ve been drawn to color over black and white. In today’s post, I’ll share with you some of the photographs I took a couple of weeks ago. There’s no specific location here, I was going about my errands. In between and on my way home I took advantage of the opportunity to do some photography.

Without actually knowing the people photographed, we’re just getting a short glimpse into their lives as they go about their day.

Here’s a first image. People are going about their business, picking up some groceries. Of course, in this time of the coronavirus, some photos do have the extra editorial value as we see masks. We see the love the woman has for her dog here, as she holds on to him with both arms. He looks rather comfortable, doesn’t he?

This elderly woman, likely doing a low-pay, part-time work walks around in this short area approaching any or all passerby’s as possible handing out flyers. This kind of scene is certainly common in Korea. Especially for older ones being on their feet, approaching strangers all day likely is quite exhausting. There’s a set of people who completely avoid the flyers, others that simply push their way by without taking the flyer, and then some that simply receive the flyer but simply continue on their way.

Despite the challenges, many continue day in and day out to earn a small living for themselves. I certainly have respect for these hard-working women, who are usually invisible to many people.

Another photograph from the day was this scene. Again, a common scene throughout Korea. It’s early in the evening still, we have a couple of gentlemen sitting outside of a restaurant just hanging out having a drink. Soju, Korean rice wine, along with some ‘Anju.’ Anju is the Korean word for food or appetizers you eat while drinking. Interestingly there is a row of these foldable tables and chairs set up down this type of alleyway along the side of the restaurant.

Screen Time?

Getting on the subway, I’m more reserved in taking photographs. Occasionally I make some exceptions. I often use my phone, on the bus or subway. I usually have other things on my mind instead of playing games or watching videos etc., I’m more likely to be listening to music while thinking. I’m also commonly observing other people, their behaviors. Even when if I don’t have my camera, I can see what’s going on beyond my smartphone. Of course, one thing that you can observe while not glued to your phone is how the majority of people are.

Something that I’ve observed is people are often tired and instead of focusing on their day, or things that are going on in their life, they tend to power off. It seems easier to just shut down and focus on a video on a screen.

This one is a miss, isn’t it? The people in the background are in focus, while the main woman in the front is out of focus. Even so I kind of like it. I’m not sure why~ What do you think?

Youthful Rodeo

I purposely got off the subway some stops early to walk around and explore. Of course, to also take some more photographs. The area I went is a popular ‘rodeo’ area in the outskirts of Seoul. It’s not a common area where tourists would visit, but it is an area a lot of young people come to. There are many restaurants, bars, and a variety of stores selling clothes, shoes, etc.,

I was happy to capture this photo just at that right moment. We got the woman on the right checking something on her phone with the delivery motorbike driving through on the right, and the stores in the background out of focus. I think everything just matches. We have that black/white, black/white, black/white, and even the sign of the store at the top, black/white.

In Korea, especially in Seoul, you can have just about anything delivered at any time. To me this photograph kind of captures that.

Final Image and Thoughts

A final photograph for today’s post. I just liked this final image. She just strolling along with her bag here. I love her hair. It kind of matches the flower pattern on her shirt as well? Again there’s something about this image that cannot be said in black and white. If I were stuck on only black and white, this image would never exist, that would be a shame.

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