A Small Valley Stream in Bukhansan Mountain, Seoul

In the north of Seoul, there is the largest mountain in the capital city, Bukhansan Mountain. Throughout the entire landscape of the peninsula in South Korea, there are mountains all over, even in Seoul! Bukhansan is a huge national park that attracts millions of visitors every year for hiking, birdwatching, and climbing. I’ll be sure to do more photography throughout the mountain soon, to show you the beauty of the city from the mountain top.

There are designated paths that the city has put in place to guide visitors through neighborhoods and hiking paths with certain historic or other significant points of interest along the way. These paths are called Dulegil. When exploring the mountains, you’ll definitely come across ‘Dulegil’ signs pointing you in the direction of certain destinations. We started off exploring some paths from a point in Jingwan dong, Eunpyeong District in Seoul.

We walked down some trails that lead through and connect to the national park. We came across a valley stream from the mountain. That began the day! We were quick to go down and enjoy the water. My son played for a while and I joined in before doing some photography. There were many people, especially families with young children likewise enjoying the water and camping out on the rocks along the edges. Here are some of the photographs from the afternoon!

(Not my shoes! But let’s take a photo anyway!)

The stream flows quite a ways down. On a hot summer-like day, it’s great to take off your shoes and walk around in the refreshing, cool water. I was happy to explore around while taking some photographs. Our journey continues beyond the mountain stream, I’ll share with you more in the next post.

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